EdTech Spotlights: Jen Varrella, of LEMS, using PhET for Science Simulations

Hands-on, authentic learning has always been one of the hallmarks of education in Science classes.  But the challenge Science teachers consistently face is one of time, funds, and resources to complete labs and other interactive, student-centered lessons.  Plus, scientists today often complete their initial experiments in a controlled context with the use of computer simulations. ... Continue Reading →


EdTech Spotlights: LHS, Student Web Help Desk

As teachers, we are typically very honest with ourselves in recognizing that the students can often understand and utilize any new technology quicker than us.  In fact, many of us ask a particular student in our class each time a piece of tech isn't working how we expected.  Not only that, these students are often... Continue Reading →

In the Spotlight:  Steven Rauer, of VBES, Students Create Instructional Videos

Van Buren Elementary, one of Thompson's "best-kept secrets" Nichole Schlagel - principal, gets creative with limited technology resources.  They leverage limited resources, clever instructional design, and team work to help students be innovative thinkers and content creators. Without technology, 5th grade teacher Steve Rauer's students would be slogging through a long, drawn-out 2-digit division unit.  Keeping students... Continue Reading →

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